Our family at The Sanctuary of Geneva becomes your extended family.

Executive Director since 2003

I am dedicated to maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere at The Sanctuary, where residents receive excellent care and services from nurturing staff, and family and friends always feel welcome.  

Nurse since 2002


Working at The Sanctuary continues to be the most rewarding experience in my nursing career.  I know I'm making a difference in the lives of the residents who call The Sanctuary home.  

Resident 2009 - 2015


The move to The Sanctuary from my home in Jefferson was easier than I thought it would be.  The food is really good, so much better than I ate at home.  I feel really safe here, and I'm treated really well.  I really like my apartment, and I enjoy sitting in the courtyard on warm days.  

12 Year Resident


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Georgene and
Her Daughter, Alice


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Former Resident's Daughter

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Rich and
His Son, Stan

Nancy and
Her Daughter, Patti

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